Bible Doctrines is a basic theology text, written in a readable, conversational style. The author, Dr. Mark Cambron, was a theology professor at Tennessee Temple University. A complimentary foreword by well-known scholar Dr. Herbert Lockyer (All the [Men, Women, Messianic Prophecies, etc.] of the Bible series) speaks of the soundness of the text. It is the first such text in the Albanian language.

Originally printed and copyrighted by Zondervan, the book is now released from copyright. Dr. Mark Cambron gave his permission to Baptist International Missions Incorporated (BIMI) to translate and print the text in Albanian. BIMI delegated the task to us.

The book was translated from English into Albanian by three believers at Kisha Biblike Baptiste in Shkodër, Albania, over the course of four years. Arben Bushgjokaj translated (professor of English at the University of Shkodra), while David Hosaflook (American missionary to Albania) edited the content and Prof. As. Dr. Mina Gero (former professor and chairman of the department of linguistics in the University of Shkodra) edited the grammar and syntax.

We hope that the book will serve Albanian believers so that God will be glorified even more! For those wishing hardback or softback copies of the book, you may contact the following address:

Kisha Biblike Baptiste

Kutia Postare 144